About Sterling Palm Bliss - Rishikesh

Sterling Palm Bliss - Rishikesh welcomes you to a world where you can unwind, detox and rejuvenate your mind and body, by the holy Ganges. Here is where you let its mystical and enchanting air revive and transform you. A place, wrapped in the lush arms of nature, with the Ganges flowing nearby. A place ideally suited for you to discover the inner you. Sterling Palm Bliss - Rishikesh is a retreat for a life-enriching healthy holiday. The carefully curated wellness programs offer solutions to help you detox, relieve stress, recover from burnout, and are designed to take you on your journey towards health and healing. If you enjoy adventure and the great outdoors, you can challenge yourself with treks, white-water rafting and much more.

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How to get there

  • By Air jolly grant airport

  • By Rail Rishikesh

  • By Road Dehradun, Roorkee

Activities & Things to do

  • Birding

  • Bonfire w/ BBQ

  • Book Reading

  • Photography

  • Temples

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