About New Jacquline Heritage Houseboat

Kashmirs greatest attraction is the Houseboat:Life on the houseboat offers you Homely atmosphere,modern amenities and your very own staff to cook delicious meals for you.Vendors Glide past in shikaras offering a floating market of fruits and flowers and experience not to be missed.The Houseboats of G N Madarie and Sons(The New Jacquline Houseboats) are moored on the serene Nigin lake abashed with Flower Gardens. Kashmir the mental offspring of sage -KASHYAPA has been extolled for its bewitching exuberance of the Prowess of Nature from time immemorial .NILAMAT PORANA,the most ancient extant chronicle of Kashmir,Praises it as the Land ,"Wearing the springs,ponds and mountains bestow virtue".KALHANA calls it The abode of "learning ,Palcial House ,Saffron Feilds,icy waters and grapes".His compatriot BILHANA Pays Glorious compliment to His own birth Place ,the saffron and poetic tolents are the Progeny of the same mother that is Kashmir.In Persian lore ,it has been equated with "Paradise on Earth".

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How to get there

  • By Air Nearest is Srinagar Airport(18km)

  • By Rail Nearest is Udhampur Railway station(229km)

  • By Road Jammu(300km)-New Delhi(830)

Activities & Things to do

  • Apple Orchard

  • Scenic

  • Chef Cooking Classes

  • Candle light Dinner

  • Photography

  • Book Reading

  • Scenic Hills

  • Walnut Trail

  • Pony Riding

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